Subway Menu With Prices, UK

Subway Menu With Prices, UK

Welcome! If you’re looking for the latest Subway Menu in the UK, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find the updated Subway Menu and their respective prices.

Subway offers a wide variety of sandwiches and other delicious food items. They have their unique recipes for all these delectable offerings.

Subway creates a bright and cozy atmosphere for customers to enjoy and relax.

Here, you’ll discover the latest Subway menu prices in the UK for 2022. This includes prices for the regular Subway Menu, the Secret Menu, the Breakfast Menu, the Concrete Meals, the Dinner Menu, and more.

Rest assured; I’ve taken great care to provide accurate Subway prices. If you’d like to find the prices for the Subway Menu in the United Kingdom for 2022, I recommend visiting Subway’s official website.

Subway Menu Categories

“Below is a list showing all the items on the Subway menu. You can find the complete selection of delicious and fresh options offered by Subway in the list.”

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Subway Menu Prices UK

Subway UK offers a variety of delicious options on its menu, such as the mouthwatering Ultimate Cheesy Garlic Bread, the tasty Signature Loaded Wraps, the satisfying Pizza Subs, and a selection of fresh Salads. They also have a special menu called Kids’ Pak, which offers meals explicitly designed for children.

Additionally, Subway UK provides excellent value with its Subway Savers menu, where customers can enjoy deals and discounts on their favorite subs.

To make it convenient for customers, Subway UK allows online ordering, allowing you to have your meal delivered to your doorstep or pick it up yourself.

Please note that the prices mentioned in this response may not be accurate as they are subject to change. It’s always best to check the most recent prices on the Subway UK website or app.

Subway Subs

Sub6″Footlong (12″)
Chicken & Bacon Melt£3.99£6.39
Chicken Pizzaiola£4.29£6.69
Chicken Tikka£3.59£5.99
Italian B.M.T.£3.49£5.89
Meatball Marinara£3.49£5.89
Meatless Meatball Marinara£3.59£5.99
Roast Chicken Breast£3.49£5.89
Rotisserie-Style Chicken£3.99£6.39
Spicy Italian£3.29£5.69
Steak & Cheese£4.29£6.69
Subway Melt£3.69£6.09
Turkey Breast£2.99£5.39
Turkey Breast & Ham£3.19£5.59
Vegan Patty£3.99£6.39
Veggie Delite£2.79£5.19

Please note that the prices mentioned are in pounds (£).

Subway Breakfast Menu

Menu ItemRegular Price (£)Discounted Price (£)
Bacon, Poached Egg & Cheese2.504.60
Mega Melt2.704.80
Poached Egg & Cheese2.104.00
Sausage, Poached Egg & Cheese2.504.60

Subway Savers & Snacks

Subway Savers & Snacks

ItemPrice (£)
Bowl of Meatballs£1.69
Bowl of Meatless Meatballs£1.69
Cheese Toasted Bite£1.29
Garlic Cheese Toastie£0.99
Ham & Cheese Toasted Bite£1.29
Hash Browns£0.99
Meat Feast£2.59
Steak & Cheese Toasted Bite£1.29
Tuna Melt Toasted Bite£1.29

Subway Salads

ItemPrice (£)
Chicken & Bacon Melt£5.49
Chicken Pizzaiola£4.69
Chicken Teriyaki£4.49
Chicken Tikka£4.09
Italian B.M.T.£3.99
Meatball Marinara£4.09
Roast Chicken Breast£4.19
Rotisserie-Style Chicken£4.29
Spicy Italian£3.79
Steak & Cheese£4.89
Subway Melt£4.19
Thai Chicken£3.99
Tuna Nicoise£4.59
Turkey Breast£3.49
Turkey Breast & Ham£3.79
Vegan Patty£5.49
Veggie Delite£4.39
Double Chocolate Cookie£1.00
Rainbow Chocolate Chip Cookie£1.00
White Chocolate Chip Macadamia Nut Cookie£0.89
Vegan Double Chocolate Cookie£1.00
Chocolate & Orange Cookie£1.00
Lemon Drizzle Cookie£1.00
12 Cookies£4.39
3x Chocolate Chunk Cookies£1.69
3x Double Chocolate Cookies£1.69
3x Rainbow Candy Chip Cookies£1.69
Chocolate Chunk Cookie£1.00

Subway Platters

Platter TypePrice
Meat Feast£20.00

Subway Drinks

ItemSizePrice (£)
7UP Free – Large 597ml597ml£1.50
7UP Free – Regular 455ml455ml£1.20
7UP Free 500ml Bottle500ml£1.50
Bottled Water, Still a 500ml Bottle500ml£1.50
Gatorade Cool Blue 500ml Bottle500ml£1.50
Large Cappuccino£2.30
Large Coffee£2.00
Large Latte£2.30
Large Tea£2.00
Lipton Ice Tea Peach 500ml Bottle500ml£1.50
Mountain Dew Sugar-Free 500ml Bottle500ml£1.50
Pepsi Max – Large 597ml597ml£1.50
Pepsi Max – Regular 455ml455ml£1.20
Pepsi Max 500ml Bottle500ml£1.50
Pepsi Max Cherry – Large 597ml597ml£1.50
Pepsi Max Cherry – Regular 455ml455ml£1.20
Pepsi Max Cherry 500ml Bottle500ml£1.50
Pepsi Regular 375ml Bottle375ml£1.50
Regular Cappuccino£2.00
Regular Coffee£1.70
Regular Latte£2.00
Regular Tea£1.50
Robinson’s Apple & Blackcurrant – Large 597ml597ml£1.50
Robinson’s Apple & Blackcurrant – Regular 455ml455ml£1.20
Robinson’s Fruit Shoot my-5 Apple & Blackcurrant 200ml Bottle200ml£1.20
Robinson’s Refresh’d Raspberry & Apple 500ml Bottle500ml£1.50
Tango Orange 500ml Bottle500ml£1.50
Tango Orange No Sugar – Large 597ml597ml£1.50
Tango Orange No Sugar – Regular 455ml455ml£1.20
Tropicana Orange Juice£1.50

Subway Crisps

Doritos (various)£0.60
Walkers (various)£0.60

Subway Signature Loaded Wraps

Menu ItemPrice
BBQ Chicken & Bacon£5.49
Chipotle Southwest Steak & Cheese£5.99
Vegan with Garlic Aioli£5.49

Subway Treats

BEAR Pure Fruit Yoyo0.60

Subway Hours

DayOpening TimeClosing Time
Friday07:00 am1:00 am
Monday07:00 am1:00 am
Saturday10:00 am1:00 am
Sunday8:30 am1:00 am
Thursday07:00 am1:00 am
Tuesday07:00 am1:00 am
Wednesday07:00 am1:00 am

Subway Near Me Locations

Please use the map provided below to locate a nearby Subway restaurant. You can find the closest Subway location to your current position by clicking on the map. This tool can assist you in finding a Subway restaurant near your location.

Subway Online Delivery

You can conveniently order Subway sandwiches and platters online anytime, day or night. Subway offers delivery services for all your food needs, whether for an event or simply enjoying delicious food at home. You can expect the best quality food at affordable prices.

To place an order, visit Subway’s website. After placing the order, it’s a good idea to call your local Subway store to confirm that it has been received.

Alternatively, you can also order food through Subway’s mobile app. For more information, you can visit Subway’s Official Website.

How To Order From Subway Online?

You can find Subway’s latest menu on their official website. They also have mobile apps for Android and iOS where you can view their menu. If you order Subway online, you might have the chance to receive prizes or gift cards through special offers.

Subway accepts online orders from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Some Subway locations are open 24 hours, but delivery is only available until 10 p.m.

If you prefer, you can also order your favorite Subway food through food delivery platforms like Grubhub and Uber Eats.


What is included in the Subway meal deal in the UK?

In the UK, Subway offers a meal deal for £1.60. This deal includes a drink, treat, or snack with any Sub or Salad. When you select this option while customizing your Sub or Salad, the price of the Sub will change to the Meal Deal price.

How long is a footlong at Subway UK?

Subway now ensures their footlong sandwiches in the UK are 12 inches long. They want to make sure customers get the full length they expect.

Can you get pizza at Subway UK?

Subway in the UK also offers pizza options. They have introduced the Pizza Subcollection, available at all Subway stores in the UK and Ireland. The prices for the Pizza Subs start at £2.99. Subway is also partnering with gaming platforms like Twitch and Xbox for extended periods.


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