Get 3 Footlongs for $17.99 | Coupon Code

Get 3 Footlongs for $17.99

Ordering your favourite Subway footlong subs has never been more affordable with our exclusive promo code! When you order online or through the app using the code “1799FL,” you can Get 3 Footlongs for $17.99. This amazing offer is available in the United States.

To make use of this coupon online, follow these simple steps:

  1. Add at least three of your favourite footlong subs to your cart. Remember, the promo code requires a minimum purchase of three footlong subs.
  2. Proceed to the “Order Summary” section during the checkout process.
  3. In the provided “Enter Promo Code Here” box, enter the code “1799FL” exactly as shown.
  4. Click the “Apply” button to apply the promo code to get the subway deal.
  5. If you see a message saying, “Sorry, promo not supported at this restaurant,” don’t worry! Click “Find Participating Location” and select a participating Subway restaurant from the provided list.
  6. Next to the “Subway Deals” section, you’ll notice the price reduction, resulting in a subtotal of $18.

Following these steps, you can enjoy the delightful taste of three-foot-long subs at an unbeatable price. Remember to review the specific terms and conditions of the coupon for any additional requirements or limitations that may apply.

Order in the Subway app or online today using the promo code “1799FL” and treat yourself to a satisfying meal without breaking the bank. Take advantage of this incredible offer while it lasts!

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