Can You Refill Subway Drinks

If you’re a fan of Subway’s delicious sandwiches and want to enjoy a refillable beverage with your meal, you might be wondering about Subway’s drink refill policy. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of refilling drinks at Subway and answer some commonly asked questions about this policy.

Can You Refill Subway Drinks

Yes, at many Subway locations, you can typically refill your drink for free. However, refill policies may vary by location, so it’s a good idea to check with the specific Subway store you’re visiting for their rules and restrictions on drink refills. Generally, customers can refill their drinks with the same beverage and often there is no strict limit on the number of refills, but this can depend on local store policies.

What Are the Rules for Refilling Drinks at Subway?

Subway generally offers free drink refills to its customers, but there are some rules and guidelines to keep in mind:

  • Purchase Requirement: To qualify for a free refill, you typically need to make a purchase, such as buying a sandwich, sub, or combo meal.
  • In-Store Only: Drink refills are generally available for in-store dining only, so if you’re taking your meal to go, you might not be eligible for refills.
  • Limited to Fountain Drinks: Free refills usually apply to fountain drinks like soda, iced tea, and lemonade.

Are There Restrictions on the Size of Refillable Cups?

Subway locations may have varying policies regarding cup sizes for refills, but most Subway restaurants offer one-size-fits-all cups for their fountain drinks. It’s essential to check with your local Subway to confirm their specific cup size policy.

Do All Subway Locations Offer Free Drink Refills?

While many Subway locations offer free drink refills, it’s essential to note that policies can vary from one store to another. Some franchises might have their own refill policies or charge a nominal fee for refills, so it’s a good idea to ask the staff or check the signage at your local Subway for their specific rules.

How Many Times Can I Refill My Drink at Subway?

The number of times you can refill your drink at Subway may also vary by location. Some Subways may allow unlimited refills during your visit, while others might have a limit on the number of refills. Again, it’s best to inquire at your specific Subway for their refill limit, if any.

Can I Refill My Drink with a Different Beverage?

Subway’s refill policy typically allows you to refill your drink with the same beverage you initially selected. Mixing or refilling with a different type of drink may not be allowed at all locations.

Is There a Time Limit for Getting a Drink Refill?

Subway restaurants may impose a time limit for drink refills to ensure that refills are not abused. The time limit, if applicable, can vary from one store to another, so be sure to ask the staff about any restrictions.

Do Subway Refill Policies Vary by Location?

Yes, Subway refill policies can vary significantly by location, especially if they are independently owned franchises. It’s crucial to be aware of this and inquire about the specific refill policies at the Subway you’re visiting.

What Types of Drinks Can I Refill at Subway?

Subway typically allows refills for a variety of beverages, including:

  • Soda (Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, etc.)
  • Iced Tea (sweetened or unsweetened)
  • Lemonade

However, the availability of specific drink options may vary depending on the store’s fountain choices and regional preferences.

Are There Any Additional Charges for Drink Refills?

In most cases, Subway offers free drink refills as part of their customer service. However, as mentioned earlier, some locations may have their own policies, and there could be additional charges or restrictions, so it’s advisable to check with your local Subway.

Can I Use My Own Cup for Drink Refills at Subway?

Using your own cup for drink refills at Subway is generally not allowed. Subway typically provides its own cups for refills to ensure consistency and adhere to their refill policy.

Are There Refill Stations or Do Staff Assist with Refills?

At Subway, staff members usually assist with drink refills. You’ll need to bring your cup to the counter, where a Subway employee will refill it for you. There are typically no self-serve refill stations.


In conclusion, Subway generally offers free drink refills with a purchase, but it’s essential to be aware that policies can vary between locations. To ensure you’re up-to-date with your local Subway’s specific refill rules and guidelines, don’t hesitate to ask the staff or check the signage in the store. Enjoy your meal and your refillable beverage at Subway!

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